Thursday, October 30, 2008


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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Internet Retailer

If you've got the latest copy of Internet Retailer, I'm quoted in the article on Google, and the recent changes they've made. Any noteworthy changes that anyone wants to highlight?


Friday, October 10, 2008

The Sales process

Jeremy had posted some thoughts in response to feedback I had given him. The particular area he had responded to was the "how much should you hear from a salesperson?". I'm curious, in general, from either the client or the agency side, are there particular tactics you think work well vs. those that keep someone from getting in the door?

On the positive side, I generally find the following helpful when forwarded: potential site enhancements, useful news stories and, blog discussions. What about you?

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

What is a Piadini?

From the Starbucks - marketing consistency files:
Starbucks has rolled out Piadini's in our neighborhood. What are they? There's a good overview from Slashfood and the Wikipedia definition. But, the way they're being marketed really interferes with Starbucks efforts to appear as your friendly neighborhood coffee shop for two main reasons.
One, they're unpronounceable. You want to add an "n" so it's pi-ad-nini. Pi-ad-eeny sounds extremely awkward - and most people are going wonder if they're anywhere near correct. So, you end up explaining to the cashier that you want one of those flatbread sandwiches, and feeling awkard while attempting to buy something from them.
Two - the headlines over the cashier, and their flyers reads "Wake up to a new toasty warm and savory delicious." That's the end of the sentence. On the flyer/brochure below that sentence, it says "Starbucks Piadini, Wrap and Breakfast Sandwiches". My first reaction on reading the sentence was - what? what's the end of the sentence? Is the piadini delicious? Or, is it a vaguely Lord of the Rings reference, rather than Gollum clutching at his "precious", a barista is hidden away, clutching at his "delicious"? And, if your acting like a homey, neighborhood coffee shop, it's difficult to envision someone actually writing this, vs. "try our great new sandwiches" or, even better, "Try Joe the baristas' favorite new sandwich". Yet again, the marketing's inconsistent, but, hey, the piadinis are actually very tasty :)

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Thursday, October 02, 2008


Interesting tag towards the end of a radio spot. It was a commercial for Walmart and included the phrase "if you can find a lower price, we'll match it". Their new tag line is "Save Money. Live Better" They're focused more on lifestyle than the lowest prices identity that they had for so long...but I wonder who else might have found that a bit jarring - the idea that you'd find a lower price somewhere other than Walmart.