Friday, January 09, 2015

10 Things to bring to the NRF Big Show

As a former employee of, and as a public service, I offer the following tips on what to bring to the NRF Big Show in NYC next week.

1.  Very comfortable shoes
2.  Some sort of easy on-easy off clothing - a sweater you can pocket or tie around your waist.
3.  A bottle of water or cough drops.  The Javits center is dry.  Really, dry.
4. Your phone
5. A charger for your phone - everyone there wants an outlet
6. Snacks - If you enjoy 50 person lines for a $13 sandwich, don't bother, but a bag of trail mix or beef jerky will come in handy.
7. Some sort of shoulder wearable bag.  Or a backpack, even.  Despite your best efforts not to collect swag (but I totally needed a tshirt from the vendor of the self wrapping conveyor line), you'll need somewehre to put it.
8. A link to the official Big Show resources page:  It'll definitely come in handy when you forget where you're supposed to be going.
9. A paper backup of your schedule/your hotel info/crucial information.  Every year, something happens to someones phone - lost, forgotten, dropped, dead battery... Like the Boy Scouts say, "be prepared.
10. Bring the bar coded email for registration.  It'll save you hours if you get there at peak registration.