Thursday, February 16, 2012

Two stock updates

BNNX should still play out well. If you can get in under $.045, patience will be rewarded. TST at $1.75 was a great play, and at $1.80, you should still have room to move upwards, as they almost have to announce market moving news on their March 7th earnings call.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Two months to go

Two months to go until the next powerlifting meet. More details on the Facebook page, but the current goals are: Deadlift: 500 lbs. Long time goal. Have switched to sumo-style, and don't have much practice with 400+, so March will give an indication of where I'm at. Bench: 225 lbs. Long time goal. Also working on a new style here, have consistently handled 200, so we'll see. Squat: Not near a milestone. Did 336 last February, so on general improvement, would think 350 could be doable. Had done a bench squat with this recently, and the weight felt manageable on my back.