Thursday, August 30, 2007


Thoughts on sending Tchotchke as a vendor:
If it will sit on someone's desk, and be visible, that helps your cause. Business card holders, Magic 8 balls, and pens tend to work well.
Sending a digital picture frame, with your company video embedded, is a novel idea. However, it costs enough that people are going to be uncomfortable with it.
If you have a theme, carry it through. We recently got a jar of candy, in a solid glass candy jar. It was heavy enough, it must have cost $20 to ship it. The theme was solid "Build an online community that your customers will eat up." If you're going to go to the trouble to send this, you probably want to eventually call the people you're sending it to. :)
A five year old GPS system, even as a prize in a raffle, will feel like something you found in the back of a closet in your office. Your name may get mentioned, but if you're in a cutting edge field, being incorporated into jokes about outdated technology may not be good.

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