Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sale on Steak

The economy has affected the restaurants near us in different ways. Today there was the South American themed restaurant that has both subtly raised prices, and shrunk portions -- the "hmm, there are a lot of potatoes and not much chicken in my dish" revelation.
It's been interesting to see how the higher-end steakhouses have dealt with the slumping economy - given the general perception that the prices are both fixed and high. I've seen both Morton's and Fleming try clever end runs around this. Fleming's has something called Memorable Meals, a Filet and Lobster tails combo that I believe is only offered if you're on their email list. Morton's offers their "Steak and Seafood for Two" directly on their website. Both have "extended" their offers through to September 30th, hoping to incent people to dine in the next few weeks. I would imagine the (sweltering) DC summer doesn't lend itself to going out for a huge meal, and this is their attempt to build some demand.
Anyone seen anything similar with higher end stores? I'd be curious how some of the name jewelry stores are approaching the holiday season.

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