Thursday, October 20, 2011

Food Trucks

Last night, I attended the SMCDC event at Edelman downtown
in DC. The focus was on food trucks.

  • From the marketing standpoint, they seem to be surfing the wave of
  • being first.
  • No formal marketing program - "currating" the community that they have.
  • Partnerships only if beneficial.
  • They don’t want to feel too corporate.
  • Don’t use too much in tools.
  • Key element appears to be managing/growing community.
I asked a question about saturation - is there a network effect of having more food trucks apear, or is there a limited market?

The Big Cheese and Cupcake truck synergistic, goingsomewhere together.

Reference to owners with 4 trucks (taco truck) starting to have overlap.

Traditional media will be tougher as there are trucks - is there a novelty in the third cupcake truck?
Truckeroo "activates spaces" 25k people to a location.


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