Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pagii launches

I've been checking out Pagii, the new "social publishing" site from Freewebs. It's got a very cool authoring interface..basically, true drag and drop anywhere on the page. Many of the elements can be resized as well.. It seems like a great way to create a collage or locker type wall, which I'm sure will appeal to the demographic it's targeting. I've created my own Pagii page, but it's unclear if the external world can see it without an account. They have also put together a very slick photo-importing app from Flickr, that will let you add any photo from your photostream onto your page. I can easily see where this would have fantastic utility as a scrapbooking application. There are a few rough edges still visible, but it's a fun app. Now, the big question will be, how do you drive traffic to it?

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