Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Matt Huggins

Review: Matt Huggins is an "aspiring Internet Entrepreneur". You can see that on the header of his blog, which is one of the best blog headers I've seen. It's very aspirational, showing a beach, where, presumably, Matt hopes to spend a great deal of time.

He lists his most popular posts on the right side, a helpful tool to quickly get a sense of the site.
Several good posts include:
A definitive list of social networking sites. and 55 essential posts for bloggers. He also has a stats page targeted to advertisers, that shows you how he ranks on various metrics.

Suggestions I'd offer:
I'd move some of the popular posts and recent posts to the left side nav, and move the navigation to the site right under the header. As it is now, you have to hunt around a bit to find out more information.
The link posts on the weekend contain good information, I might try and expand those to include a few more links.
The long posts are very informative... Matt might want to open the posts with some of the benefits of the tools he reviewed. Leading with the conclusion, or a valuable piece of information, would encourage people to read further.

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