Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Setting up a Google Custom Domain

Google has announced that they'll eventually stop supporting ftp access, which I've used to publish this blog for the last seven years or so. Apparently, it's been a major support issue, and given the grand total I've paid for use of Blogger over the years ($0.00) it seems like a reasonable decision. Nonetheless, a giant pain.

My choices were to either migrate the blog completely over to a Wordpress blog - which long term is probably where I'm heading. On the other hand, I tried out migrating to their Google Custom Domains - some ANAME and CNAME tinkering in my DNS settings (not for the faint of heart) and I was set. Well, not entirely. Two days later, I needed to log in and delete and extra CNAME record (which was not easy to figure out) and then everything was set. Presto - same old blog, slightly faster updates, and no need to move seven years of content :)

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