Friday, June 01, 2007


I was visiting Jason Calacanis's new search venture. It's an intriguing idea; all hand edited search results -- so theoretically no computers gaming the system, and more relevant results. I did a search on Planet Earth, and was pleasantly surprised. It opens with the top 7 links their guide has picked, and browsing through them, you'd get a fairly clear view of what Planet Earth is. The little "!" warning triangles, are also a friendly approach to letting you know what's going to happen, although I'm not sure how much pop-up deserve their own warning.

They also have links to Google News on Planet Earth. The choice there is to search on Planet Earth and "BBC", which is an interesting decision. I suspect it was a guide looking for something that would yield results, rather than a preference for the BBC version vs. Discovery Channel.

Mahalo is definitely something that I'll keep an eye on as it evolves; it should be a useful resource as they build out their index beyond the 4k terms they have now.

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