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Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Shop.org had our Shop@Lunch event yesterday. We had great attendance, and the press coverage was excellent. For the official writeup, check out the blog post.
Some other random thoughts, while greeting 300+ people entering an event -

Cheerfully welcoming people to an event gives you an instant insight into how comfortable people are about attending an event.
People are more than willing to wait in a long line for lunch, as long as you explain how the line works.
Conversely, 1% of people will attempt to make you justify the setup, regardless of how crowded things are. "So, lunch is free? What kind? You got salad? Can I take it to go?" etc... An exaggeration, but only slightly.
Nowhere near Clublife, but we got two or three interesting characters - we may have provided their meal for the day.

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