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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Silver Spring lunches

I've left Discovery after 2 1/2 years. More details to come on Tuesday. For a long time, we'd joked at lunch that you could rotate a different restaurant every day for a month, with so many places to eat in downtown Silver Spring. Since that never happened, my random thoughts on places to eat in downtown Silver Spring -

Nicaro - Kirk Kozak dragged us there for a vendor lunch. Probably the highest end lunch spot in Silver Spring, located in a not-the-greatest block of Georgia Ave. Very good food. I'd give it the highest rating for food in the area.

Sabroso - very good Latin American rotisserie. Just opened, so most people don't know it's there. I took two friends there, virtually had to drag them in, and they ended up raving about it. In addition to the chicken, the steak is very good, although the cut has looked different every time (5 pieces vs. 2 giant pieces).

Chipotle - when you want a relatively healthy, incredibly quick t0-go lunch. Even with a line out the door, you can have lunch and be on your way in 10 minutes. The beauty of a fast food system applied to relatively healthy food.

Noodles and Company - An early favorite...good food, and plenty of seating.

Ghar-E-Kebab - A Nepalese restaurant with a very good chicken dish. Particularly noteworthy for me, due to the lunch buffet. After putting the "cute little cucumbers" on my salad, I found out that they were possibly the hottest things I'd ever eaten.

Austin Grill - Tex-Mex noteworthy for huge amounts of complimentary chips, and continuous refills of soda (rivaled only by Red Rock). Also, they take reservations, so it's good for team lunches.

Taste of Morocco - went to lunch here with Andrew Green. Huge space, which must be packed at night. We were the only ones there at first, for the lunch buffet - and seated approximately 50 yards from the food - which had looked a little sad, all by itself. Which, to be fair, was very good...especially the sauce they'd cooked the chicken in- which turned out to be addictive.

- Used to be a favorite for sit down lunches. The portions seems to have shrunk recently, however. Great lomo saltado.

Ray's the Classics - sadly, never open for lunch. Excellent steaks the one time I went for dinner.

Anything I left off the list?

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