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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Social Media Consulting

I was talking with Jeremy the other day, and pointed out some things that he could do to improve his sales process, in his new social media consultancy. I thought I'd turn the question around - if you're a social media consultant, what do you do demonstrate value and/or make the case for hiring/retaining your firm?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Josh...there's an exponential earned publicity/notoriety value that I incorporate into the conversation when pitching social media. It's rooted in PR. As in, using social media tools to reach beyond just the talking heads or "voices" of the industry to create "community" with target audiences. Paid outreach cannot create a lasting conversation. When you can attach an estimated value ($) to those earned opportunities, it goes a long way to getting a client or potential client's buy-in.

The discussion about the accuracy of earned value calculations is an ongoing one, but you can select one with a small standard deviation and go with it IMHO.

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was thinking about our conversation. Here's one way we could go about it, if you are interested.

You had 5 points that you suggested to me.

What if you had 5 separate posts that highlighted the suggestion and your explanation for it?

Then, I'd respond on my blog with my reaction in a point/counter-point (though there are many places where we'd agree) and let the community weigh in.

I thought the specificity of your suggestions during our call were great and may also help others think about their own businesses social media or otherwise (though I prefer to think of myself as a Community-based Marketer, but hey)

You game?

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The key is to position yourself not as a social media consultant, but rather as a communications or a collaboration consultant who is skilled at using social media. You have to realize and understand that social media isn't some grand ol' marketing or PR tool - companies don't make money directly from social media, they make money because they participate in social media.

9:07 PM  

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