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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Silent Business Bloggers:

Reading Steve's recent post, has me thinking.
Am I a silent business blogger?
I work for Time Warner Cable. Many people who might stumble across my blog would fall into two categories:
People who like technology, and know it well
More of the mainstream, middle adopters of new technology.
There are a lot of things for each group going on, if you're in a Time Warner Cable market.

There's DVRs, which let you stop and rewind live TV. And, actually tape the things you want to tape. In spite of the fact many of us have had Tivo's for a couple of years, it's still a transformational experience when someone's using one. Somewhere in Time Warner Cable are details about what's coming next, or the great features on existing boxes. PVRwire does it externally.

If you're a techy, you'd be curious to know about Start Over.

There are some pretty cool program guides online:

We're not blogging about them. Plenty of people blog about Time Warner Cable:

Given we have constraints about what we can put out in the public eye, what do the readers of this post think would be helpful? What would you like to hear from a cable company?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has "the cable company" realized it needs to get out of the set-top box market? Or is it holding on for dear life as Microsoft does with PCs? MS has the advantage as they can "innovate" and push their brand into HPCs and mobile devices. Where "the cable company" is know for their customer service (you must use our equipment, only watch what we allow, etc).

2:42 PM  
Blogger lross said...

Your site is interesting. I stumbled across it while doing some research..

8:06 PM  

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