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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Yesterday at AdTech I attended two panels of note; one on Search Engine Marketing for Small Businesses and one on "Managing the Deluge: Effective Email Inbox Organization".
Most of Search Engine Marketing was focused on the fact that small businesses should be doing it. Probably the top recommendation was that natural seach optimization was free ROI, if you did it yourself. Something like 50% of the small businesses were spending 5K/year, and it was pointed out that they would really need to be working on their own, as it wouldn't be cost effective for the agencies to work with them.
The Email workshop was fascinating. Put on by People on the Go, it had some great techniques on using flags, views, and search folders to manage email. I think it was the speedy version of their 90 minute seminars. I'm definitely considering taking one of these, after seeing the quick version :)


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