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Monday, November 07, 2005

I'm here at AdTech this week. I'd recommend their excellent blog for detailed coverage. I saw two sessions that stuck out today:
The Do It Yourself Ad Panel, featuring Henry Copeland of Blogads.com and Phil Kaplan of AdBrite. And PETA. PETA has 30K MySpace friends, and some cutting edge tactics, re: monitoring and driving traffic. Both Phil and Henry highlighted the importance of targeting, the relative inexpensiveness of DIY, and the upcoming (hopefully) surge in traffic and $ spend in these areas.
Creating and Distributing a Corporate Blog...featured Mike McGuire, Research Director, Gartner - online music
Stowe Boyd - Corante
Pauline Ores, Web Marketing Strategist, IBM
Michael Terpin, CEO, Terpin Communications Group. I thought Michael Terpin did a really nice job on key elements, and had a great presentation...probably put himself in the running for anyone looking to hire help with blogging. I was stunned that out of a room of 100 people, the number of people raising their hands to "how many read a blog regularly", "how many use an RSS reader?", and "how many have their own blog?" was about 10 for each question.
Other interesting stats, IBM has 330K employees, and 40% work from home. The seven deadly sins of corporate blogging: brochureware, dead air, generic content, no authentic voice, isolation from community, bludgeoning defensiveness, overly protecive corporate rules...
That's the quick update.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The AdTech blog appears to be paid marketing for the event. Are upfront disclosures important?

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did-it Search Marketing Inaugurates New Search Methodology, Goes Full-Service

Did-it Search Marketing Inaugurates New Search Methodology, Goes Full-Service

ROCKVILLE CENTER, N.Y., Nov. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Top-rated Search firm Did-it Search Marketing has inaugurated its new Search methodology, S.A.T. Search -- the integration of Strategy, Analytics and Technology in one search marketing firm. At the same time, it has transitioned to become a full-service search marketing agency.

Explains Did-it CEO Bill Wise, "In search, like in most highly complex fields, you need the best plan of attack, the best understanding of your situation, the best tools -- and one place to handle it all. That's true in medicine, that's true in physics, and it's equally true in SEM (Search Engine Marketing). That attitude is the basis of S.A.T. Search, and the reason we decided to transition to full service. It's about bringing best-of-breed SEM strategy, analytics, and technology together under one roof."

The S.A.T. Search methodology, adds Wise, is particularly vital in fields with complex SEM needs, such as finance. Online trading firm E*TRADE FINANCIAL recently signed on with Did-it in October 2005.

"E*TRADE's marketing model is based on a test-and-learn approach, which provides E*TRADE with innovative ways to reach its target, value-driven customer," says Nicholas Utton, chief marketing officer of E*TRADE FINANCIAL. "E*TRADE is continuously seeking new forms of marketing technology to reach our target audience with communications that remain smart, interruptive and powerful."

Adds SEMPO Chairperson and Did-it Executive Chairman Kevin Lee, "We are honored E*TRADE has selected Did-it and look forward to driving outstanding results. Our ability to consistently integrate the most creative Strategy, sophisticated Analytics, and cutting edge Technology under one roof is unique to our industry. Being selected by a market leader like E*TRADE is a validation of our approach."

The transition to full-service has created some positioning conflicts, leading Did-it to largely phase out the backend SEM solutions it has provided, until now, for other full-service firms. Did-it is discontinuing most of its backend relationship with Digitas, for example, a move which the two firms agreed to mutually.

Even with the sharp lessening of the relationship, Did-it will continue to work with Digitas on select strategic accounts, such as Cingular Wireless. At the same time, some Digitas/ Did-it clients have moved to Did-it full service. Dun & Bradstreet, for example, became a Did-it full-service client earlier in the year.

"Digitas is a highly valued client," Wise says. "Loyalty to our clients, regardless of agency status, is our top priority -- and will always continue to be."

About Did-it Search Marketing

Did-it Search Marketing, a recognized leader in the Search since 1996, drives sales/profit growth, market share and return on marketing investment for over 200 clients including E*TRADE FINANCIAL, Dun & Bradstreet and Cingular Wireless. In 2004, Jupiter Research ranked Did-it the Number One Search Engine Marketing firm for technology and market suitability. http://www.did-it.com/ Phone: (800)-932-7761 (516)-255-0500

About Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee, Did-it.com Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, is an acknowledged search engine marketing expert. Kevin's weekly column for JupiterMedia's ClickZ is read by thousands as are his contributions to Catalog Age Magazine and DMNews. Kevin is a founding board member and the current Chairman of SEMPO, and also serves on the Search Council for the Association for Interactive Marketing (now part of the DMA) and the IAB Search Committee.
Website: http://www.did-it.com/

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