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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Network Solutions hijacked my domain name! A few days ago, I got a voicemail from Darian telling me that my domain name was going to expire shortly. While my initial thought was that he had been browsing the WHOIS database, I soon went to my homepage and found out that my normal blog had been replace by a Network Solutions page. The basic message was that the domain name was pending deletion, and that I could bid for the domain name when it completely expired, or, if I happened to be the owner, I could pay to renew it.
Apparently, when I registered the name several years ago, I had registered it through Network Solutions, even though I host at catalog.com. Who I highly recommend by the way. It took a few calls to establish this, and eventually I just put in my credit card to renew the domain name. Network Solutions spent the entire purchasing process trying to upsell me along the way. Would I like to register for many years to come? Would I like hosting? Would I like privacy? Etc... For the most part, it was fairly efficient.
Of course, this sudden website change was the only notification I had. Now, I'm sure Network Solutions has my email and phone, they got them when I registered, and I do seem to get spam from people who've mined their database. It would be a whole lot more customer friendly if they emailed, rather than, essentially, hijacking my website.


Blogger Laurie P said...

network solutions did NOT hijack your website. they do send out renewal notices, that normally get hit by spam filters, they do attempt to call if that email is bouncedback. one big thing i can say from expierance working with NetSol, and going over the 97 page service agreement, (yes i have no life, lol) is that they are NOT required by icaan (the governing body over all registrars) to send renewal notices. it is considered a courtesy. kind of like when you and i pay our mortgage or rent, you are supposed to remember when it is due... now for the whole catalog compared to Netsol... no comparison and it is a common misconception, that because you have one provider that other does not exsist. well here is the differance catalog is your host, how you get your info onto the internet, netsol is your registrar, they are a place holder for your domain so that no one else can "get it"... now, netsol did not "hijack' your website, what happened was, your domain expired, even past the 7 day grace period they give the domain registration was not renewed so what they did, was simply "deactivate" your domain, and your servers, (due to none payement) go to that pending renewal delete stage.. it is kind of like a warning for yourself.. now during this time NO one could have just picked up your domain... domains need to go through a 60 day deletion process via the registry (database where domains are created)So with not knowing what type of info you had on your account manager or anything, i can say a few things "may" have happened. 1. emails were sent regarding the renewal and they were listed as spam. if so, netsol would not have gotten a bounceback so they probably assumed you were allowing the registration to run out. 2.if this is true they may have attempting to contact you via the phone number on file, if it was incorrect or someone thinking it was a telemarketer could have interviened those calls. 3. snail mail notifications are sent out, but in the industry of domain registration, those are normally from solicitors, like DROA and places like that wanting you to pay them for the registration and than they will attempt to xfer it after your credit card has cleared, so snail mail is a last resort...yes, i work for network solutions, and if you have any questions, i specialize in this department of expirations, renewals, and domain name registration transfers, Please feel free to contact me at any time, by posting on my blog..i hope to clear up any confusion you may have encountered and give you a better understanding and better vision of network solutions and other registrars and the policies in place... laurie

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