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Monday, August 01, 2005

I've been getting customer service surverys in my email lately from hotels I've stayed in. I've filled out two, from a Westin and a Wyndham, where I indicated I was unhappy with some aspect of the stay (waterlogged carpets, guests threatening to come crashing through the walls, that sort of thing). In both cases, I've gotten phone calls from the hotel, apologizing, and offering to make the next stay much better. It's a nice application of back-end software, and getting the info to the right people. I'm imagining that if I complain about room service, the form gets directed that way, if it's bad billing it goes to the front desk supervisor.

It does a good job of calming down the customer, or at least keeping them from writing unhappy blog entries... and, if either hotel were in places I was planning on traveling to again, I think I probably would book there, to see if they'd keep the promise of much better accomodations.


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