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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Post that make you think have been showing up lately for me on networking.
There's a great introduction to LinkedIn, and how it works on KeelHauling.
Ripples has an article on networking and the past-50 worker.
10 secrets of a master networker. By Keith Ferrazzi who wrote Never Eat Alone. Also a good interview with him for consultants.
WSJ had one


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, LinkedIn is solid. I've been using it since the day it launched and its steady increase in feature-richness and member-base has been extraordinary. I especially like their adherence to professionalism. Not allowing photographs and making introductions always referral-intermediated has helped establish them as a highly-trustworthy SN, and has protected them from devolving into a dating site or look-how-many-friends-I-have competition. I'll have to send you a direct-connect invite.


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