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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Dan Perry

Dan Perry's giving away his Google Fridge. I've actually known Dan for about five years, he was on one of the very first SES panels I ever spoke at - we knew each other through Patricia Hursh, of Smart Search Marketing. I've seen him be active in a variety of search organizations. He's giving away his Google Fridge. At one point, Google gave them away... I'm not sure what the general qualifications to get one were, mine was for driving a million leads through AdWords. Which sounds far more impressive than it was, at the time we were using the content network, with very small bids. It is a very nice fridge, and has come in handy. I don't actually need another one, but thought I'd help Dan out and link to his new blog, which I've been reading for a bit. I especially liked his post on his career in the SEO industry...and, Dan, I've got to ask...does the blogging about golf make it tax-deductible? :)



Blogger Dan Perry said...

Just wanted to say thanks for entering. This contest has been quite interesting!

3:29 PM  

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