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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Worst Corporate gift ever?

Anyone have a worst corporate gift story? At the moment, the leading contender is a cardboard cutout of a vendors mascot, with a front surface of dry erase material, with a non-working dry erase pen. Currently, the only one visible in our office, is sitting on a co-workers desk, with the writing bubble filled in with "worst corporate gift ever."
From the great gifts, Google had a nice one this year.
And, in the inexplicable category, a potential vendor sent a holiday card signed by two people I don't know, with a $10 gift card to Applebees. Which has no connection at all to their business...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The worst gift I have ever received is, a costly branded pen... but the ink was dried... so useless..

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1:37 AM  

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