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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Who is Cris Popenoe?

One of the downsides of having lots of connections on LinkedIn, is that every time someone joins a new social networking service, they tend to invite all their contacts. I've been invited to join "Spock" and "Blue Chip Experts" and a variety of others. The latest oddity is the mass holiday email. In general, it's a nice thought. However, I've gotten 5 holiday email cards from Cris Popenoe, who I don't really know. They're all from American Greetings, which keeps sending me reminders that I haven't opened them. And, it being holiday time, you hate to think of these forlorn ecards wasting away :(

UPDATE: I got a nice note from Cris. I had met Cris a long time ago, through Will Kreth, a Time Warner colleague. Cris had sent out one holiday greeting through American Greetings, and the rest is gremlins in the system. In a completely unrelated sign, it's clear this blog does well in natural search, since this blog is now the #3 result in "Google" searches for Cris's name


Anonymous Anonymous said...

AmericanGreetings.com has these special five days cards that sends you a card each day for five days (as well as the godforsaken reminder for each one unopenned...) I have real estate agent who I met once at an open house who diligently spams me with them twice per year. If they simply disabled that one product, my online life would be dramatically better...

12:49 AM  

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