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Friday, November 09, 2007

My day at Ad:Tech

I was up at Ad:Tech yesterday to talk on a panel about affiliate marketing.
Some quick observations:

>Lines to get into panels - I'd never seen that before, I'm assuming previously that people went to the exhibit hall; but due to the high attendance people wanted to make sure they got a seat.
>Not as much actionable material as some other conferences. I heard this from other folks - the sessions ideas were great, but it would have been more helpful if the moderators had pulled a few top ideas from each of the panelists.
>A chance to meet Warren Pickett in person. He'd done a great job organizing things, so it was nice to meet him.
>According to eMarketer, online sales will grow 18.5% this year. There's more growth in spending per person, than there is in the number of people going online to shop.
>Best viral marketing - the agency for Pleo, which had set one out on a table and was chatting with people stopping by. Apparently, they've been in damage control mode, since it's now coming out 2 years later than promised. Having never seen one in person, they're very cool.

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Blogger the_redheaded_1 said...

Hi Josh, the agency i work for is called e-storm.com +) thanks for having a chat with me. - Jai Decker

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