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Sunday, September 11, 2005

I've been watching the Andy Roddick US Open commercials for Lexus and just don't get them. Unfortunately, Roddick lost in one of the early rounds of the tournament, so he hasn't been in the New York spotlight for the last 10 days. The AmEx commercials where Andy's mojo gets loose were unfortunate, but seem to have moved out of rotation.
The Lexus commercials show him driving one of their nice commercials with a variety of, to be charitable, bizarre characters.
Take the one entitled Nantucket, where a woman in the car, implores Andy to forget New York, and drive up to Nantucket with her. You've got a subtext in which a tennis fan watching, chuckles snidely and thinks that Andy does have plenty of time this week to go off on a vacation, since he's not playing any tennis. And if you're a casual fan, tuning in to watch the Agassi-Federer match? The message seems to be "drive a Lexus, and a variety of bizarre characters will show up in your car". At best, Andy Roddick drives a Lexus. But, aspirationally, who wants these people in a car with them?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Lexus commercials weren't even "so bad they're good." On the bright side, it's a safe bet we don't have to worry about him attempting a cross-over career in acting.

9:30 AM  

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