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Friday, August 19, 2005

Whoops! I inadvertently put up a blog post yesterday. I had tried blogging in Firefox, and didn't notice a pulldown menu was in the wrong place. I'm wondering what other strange design artifacts cause people issues. I've got a number of programs in my system tool box at the bottom of the screen. Every now and then, when I'm opening ActionOutline, AOL instant messenger will open a handy box in the bottom right, telling me someone has just signed on. If I'm not paying attention, I'll click on it, and continue typing right into an IM box. I'll usually catch it, but you realize you could be sending some bizarre messages if you don't notice it.
Lifehacker is good for things that DO work the way you'd want them to. If you're really into making things for you, check out Hack A Day.

Speaking of useful tools, I've been checking out SplashID , which looks like a useful tool for managing passwords. I used to use Catavault, which sadly is no longer around...but definitely need something to manage my proliferation of passwords. Seems like this will do the trick.


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