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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Are you my sales guy?
Things I'm sure the VP of sales for the enterprise software company we use for a platform would not want to hear me utter. I found myself wondering this morning, "hey, who's the sales guy for product X, which we use on regular basis, and to whom we pay lots of money on a regular basis..."
Reminds me of a childrens book.
And now we have an interesting opportunity...that regular contact would have resulted in a call a lot earlier than they're now getting it, inviting them to participate. Food for thought on the importance of regular contact if you're in sales..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if your vendors stalk your blog to get insight on your thought process. Is there any danger in putting your musings into the public sphere like this? I know my opinion of you varies post to post, depending on the quality. FYI, the "Are you my mother?" reference improved that opinion. Your sense of humor manages to get through this media sometimes.

12:08 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I think there is always risk when one has the courage to present his views to the public sphere. I know that your blog has educated me in areas where I have had little experience. I would think your vendors are missing the boat if they miss your blog.r

11:08 PM  

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