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Thursday, January 13, 2005

It's so nice when a piece of consumer technology works well. Had some digital photos, decided to try out the CVS photo kiosk. It's a nice, easy to use machine (with readers for most varieties of memory cards, CDs, etc.) and an easy to use interface. It did glitch once when I had selected about 12 out of 50 pictures, and went back to the beginning. But, overall a very pleasant way to pick out some pictures I had took, took about 10 minutes, and it's about half the cost of printing them on a home printer. And, as an extra added bonus, there was a "print from cell phone option" that allowed you to beam pictures using the infrared to the machine. Which worked flawlessly. Very impressive. The interesting implication for CVS and Kodak was that there were a few folks waiting behind me to use the digital print machine, and none of them looked like they had a very technical background.


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