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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Kleenex has introduced an Anti-Viral Tissue. Apparently, the idea is that this kills the viruses that you, the unwary consumer, would either sneeze onto your hands, and/or carry around in your pocket, until you could dispose of said tissue. There's even an FAQ on this. And, a game. You're "missile firing pencil" shoots at germs. Nicely done version of Space Invaders, but, is it really the best product move to have germs destroying the protective boxes of Kleenex? After all the Kleenex are supposed to be killing the germs. After playing the game, I want to order the pencil.
Originally, I was going to post due to the commercial I heard for the product, which portrayed a Zen person (presumably, due to the terrible Indian accident of the actor) who is confronted that by using these Kleenexes (Kleenexi?) he's killing hundreds of thousands of germs. Apparently, making fun of people with funny accents is still in style at ad agencies.


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