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Monday, November 22, 2004

Amex has interesting program "My Wishlist". The idea is they have all these great products, selling at heavily discounted prices ($800 for a $3,000 Vespa, $150 for a $400 digital camera, etc.) Also, some coupons to merchants, but the big hook is the potential ability to buy things at discounts. So, today, 30 Vespas, with 3 time slots that opened up. Given the likeihood that "lots" of Amex Cardholders were interested, or at the very least, liked the thought of being able to resell said gift, this is almost a completely pointless promotion. Clicking more than about a tenth of a second late misses out on the purchases. I'm imagining anyone who tries to take advantage of this is going to end up not so thrilled with Amex. Unless, of course, there's enough of a shortage of interest in a $150 shaving kit to have that last a bit longer...


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