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Monday, January 24, 2005

I'm looking for a group of E-marketing folks in the Northern Virginia area. Something that meets monthly and lets people swap stories, techiques, and information on projects they're looking for.In a quick search online I found, the eMarketing AssociationNext, the DMA. They've got "The DMA Developing Effective E-Mail Marketing Seminar" at . $800 for 1 day, if you're a member. For $800, here's what you get.
First, however, if you click on the Registration, Dates, Location page and click on Description, you don't actually go to the Description, you go to their info on DMD, a conference in June.
For your $800, you have either one of three seminar leaders, or all three. All of whom appear to run agencies that would be happy to help you in this area. And, probably do a version of this presentation while pitching you business. Let's look at the main areas:
Basic Terminology and Definitions: Good to know. Worth $100/hour for somone to define what e-mail is, and how it works? Debatable.
Overview of Industry and government regulations and current/pending legislation This is important. Good way to torpedo an e-marketing campaign is to ignore this. Good to be aware of this. Any decent agency will at the very least, try to keep you from shooting yourself in the foot.
Netizen Psychology--> Ok. We're going to need some stats here to make this worthwhile.
Why E-Mail is a Powerful Marketing Medium --> Presumably, if you're attending, you're aware of this. There's the promise of some numbers and projections, but you're probably already sold on this, if you're at the conference.
E-Mail's Role in the Relationship Marketing Spectrum - Crucial. Highlighting examples of how it's used in all of these areas would be very useful.
Opt-In and Opt-Out vs. SPAM and Crafting an E-Mail Campaign Writing Effective E-Mail --> All of these are important. However, there are either two tracks people are going to be on. They'll either be looking to do this themselves, or work with an agency to develop a campaign. Hopefully, they can provide information to each. Measuring Success B-To-B vs. Consumer MarketingCase Studies [I think this has the potential to be the most valuable part here]. My biggest issue is that people who are willing to shell out $800 tend to be from big companies. Big companies are most likely to here a lot of this from agencies who come in to pitch business. If an agency is pitching a Fortune 500 company, they're going through a lot of this information in order to make a sale, or start a campaign.So, on some level, people are going to pay $800 to hear information they'd probably hear anyway.Or, if you want to pay me $100/hour, I'll come to your office to talk about e-marketing.


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