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Friday, January 21, 2005

Let's say your car was damaged in an accident. And, let's say that you had come away from your purchase process with the very strong impression that you would get a loaner car when you were in for service. And, let's suppose you were told that body work was not covered, just routine service.

If you were going to spend approximately $400/day for the time your car was in the bodyshop, and that you had to go rent a car, what would your reaction be?
Mine? I was ticked.

Oddly, in spite of the fact I work in e-marketing, I contemplated bringing a sign down to the dealership on a Saturday morning, and walking on the sidewalk with it. But, I thought better of that. The 2005 version? A small webpage, easily set up in Blogger. Comments on, to see if anyone else had similar experiences. And, a $10 investment in Google Adwords with the keywords of the dealership name and the make of car that they sold. Oddly, no one else had those keywords, so anyone searching by dealership name and make would see my little ad on the right, asking "Trouble with loaner cars? Tell your story". It'll be interesting how much the old rule of thumb of a disgruntled customer telling 10 people is multiplied in cyberspace.


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