Meet notes on the Halloween Howl on 10/26 at Brute Strength Gym in Norfolk.

I set PRs in all three lifts, and had my first total over 1100 lbs.
Squat - 380, and probably could have gotten 390, but was tempted by 400.
Bench - 240, very happy to get this. 250 was probably a little optimistic, and I was wobbly, not quite the recipe to get it.
Deadlift - 485, a 5 lb PR after literally deadlifting once in 18 weeks.  Thought I had a shot at 500.  It just wouldn't go over my knee cap, and looking at both the 485/500 attempts the "pull straight up your shins" isn't happening well.  Based on how sore my lats are, it may now be that getting over 500 is a form issue, more so than a strength issue. 

Key factors:
Jim Wendler's 5/3/1
Tried this variation.
Literally, did about 18 weeks of only doing squat/bench/curls - I deadlifted once, early in October, for a training max of 455.  Basically, I just didn't do the deadlift days b/c of my concern about what it would do to a lightly padded concrete floor.  Then I kept seeing good games, so I kept it up.  Downside was some perpetual quad soreness the last 6 weeks or so.  Twice a week definitely agreed with me, in terms of recovery time, and being excited to do each workout.  


No injuries, backing off.  
Whenever things twinged, that was the end of the workout.  Same thing with missing a set.  I'd just call it, and try again the next time.  

New federation - putting on weight, easier federation.  I didn't cut weight for this meet - probably went in at 210, and for both bench and squat there's one less command, which makes it a bit easier.  Although, on the other hand, having not trained in a monolift, was a little outside of a comfort zone, and the Forenza bench had me wobbling all over the place.  

Notes for next time:
Try the program as written.  Deadlifting would have definitely helped with form, and especially set up.  Making sure to get my diet dialed in (always a goal).   Getting some coaching on form.