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Monday, May 04, 2009

Phone call to verify email

Interesting online marketing tactic - I got a call yesterday from a vendor that I'd last ordered from two years ago. They sell consumer products, with their typical order probably in the $40-60 range. They were calling to verify my email, and to let me know they'd send out a gift code for a discount.
It was a nice gesture, and made me wonder if:
a) the cost of sending incremental emails made the cost of the call worthwhile
b) people who received phone calls had a much higher likelihood to purchase
c) they had an excessive amount of unused time from their inbound phone reps, so they were redirecting it.

What are your thoughts?


Blogger Jer said...

That is fascinating and, frankly, it doesn't matter, IMHO, which one it is (though you should call them back and ask). In this age of cheap, digital communication, the personal (relevant) touch adds a lot and is a differentiator.

8:35 PM  

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