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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Home Depot Advertising

Home Depot advertising - split personality?

Two different Home Depot ads - you evaluate which is more effective.

On TV - something about true stories. They had the speaker mentioning he felt like he could do anything after revamping a room in his house; and show him looking at his dream project, restoring an old historical house.

Radio Ad - A couple is talking, she wants to paint the kitchen, he wants to do the living room, suddenly the project is both. Then, there's a voice over about "nothing will get you going to do your projects like our paint sale, $5 off Glidden cans of paint, even $5 off of Polo"...

The first TV ad rings true. The second ad has you wondering... nothing would motivate your more than the paint sale? Nothing? Not even the conversation with spouse that just happened? What about $10/off a can? Wouldn't that be more motivating that $5? Fascinating how the focus of the ad completely changed with the absolute message of "nothing could be more motivating" vs. a message along the lines of "Home Depot can help", which is their usual tag line.

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