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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Corey Stroeder review

I'll occasionally be reviewing other websites. I met Corey Stroeder online, and am looking at his site, My Retirement Project.com The idea behind the site is that he's tracking his progress towards an earlier retirement, by using his site to generate additional revenue. There are several posts I particularly liked, including his "Who is Ethan Haas?" post, and his post about the Grand Canyon skywalk. Corey is also tracking his progress towards generating revenue with his blog, with this example from July. My one bit of advice as he tries to increase the revenue, would be that he might want to do a small collection of the best retirement related advice he's seen. That would probably draw some natural search traffic as well as other incoming links. Plus, it'd have the side benefit of drawing higher value AdSense ads. Overall, I like where Corey's going with the site; it feels like he just needs to continue building it out.


Blogger Corey said...

Thanks Josh, simple and straight to the point. Thanks for the advice as well. I will keep it in mind.

5:05 PM  

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