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Friday, March 03, 2006

Jeremy from Yahoo has a post on Edgeio. And on the bizzarre fire alarm at the Sheraton. After a two minute alarm at midnight, a distorted voice coming from a hidden speaker in your room, announcing false alarm, ten minutes later? And, then doing the same thing in another ten minutes? That's a recipe for a good nights sleep :)
Ok, back to Edgeio. I find the business model interesting; the idea of finding content that's widely dispersed and aggregating it seems like it would have a good chance to succeed. You'd have the ability to run ads against it, and it could scale, assuming a good tech infrastructure. The downside is that most fairly well known niches already have a goto site. Auctions? I'll go to Ebay. A used couch? CraigsList. I wonder if by being early, they'll get enough traction with users to succeed.


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