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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I'm at Search Engine Strategies (SES) in NYC today.
Some notes for the two sessions I've seen:

At the intro to the search engines panel yesterday, MSN and Ask were impressive, and Google was not as much.
MSN: fascinating demographic data. Assuming you've got a targeted brand, this could be very useful once they have more traffic.
Ask.com: Formerly Ask Jeeves. They're really making an effort. The VP they had on stage emphasized how they were reaching out to the search community, and how little overlap they had with Google and Yahoo.
Google: The manager who spoke Katie, just gave a quick overview of what's new. The ability to cut and paste ad groups within campaigns was featured prominently. I've tried it, it's very difficult to get it to work correctly.

SEM toolbox was very good. There are always one or two tools that you've never seen before. Jim Boykin from WeBuildpages.com had Jim Boykin - Webuildpages.com/sesny2006/
Whois.sc got mentioned a few times as a good resource.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Easily one of your best posts in some time. Look at you! Sounding all official and full of knowledge. It's almost like you're a professional.

12:17 PM  

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