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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Got back from a quick trip to Search Engine Strategies 2005 in Chicago.
My SEM toolbox was extremely helpful. Lots of great links to useful, free tools.
Buying and selling links didn't break too much next ground. The common theme seemed to be you get what you pay for, and you need to be very careful about exactly what it is that you're paying for. Oh, and links purchased through ad servers don't do much good for rising in search engines, although they may certainly drive traffic to your site.
Finally, I was on the In House Forum. I was struck by how many folks in the audience were interested in outsourcing paid search marketing. There was also a lot of interest in negotiating internal political waters.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great job posting on a regular basis and giving us an inside look at e-marketing. The links to other sites are nice too.

Some of the posts are a bit light on information. This one is about Josh going to Chicago and learning interesting stuff. How about you summarize it for us in a capisulized form. Give us a play-by-play. Quote some people. Otherwise it's like "I went to Quiznos and quite a few people were interested in the chicken subs."

Tell a story, put in a joke, try for a narrative theme between all the posts. Linking off says to me you have nothing to say except "here are my bookmarks".

Overall you met the criteria for a blog post.

12:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very cheeky, drg. But how do you know Josh isn't just some made-up guy? I think the author of this blog is actually a woman posing as a man engaging in some form of guerilla marketing to sell... well, that's not entirely clear. That's why I keep reading. The real question is: "What is her motivation for being so subversive?" I think we can agree Josh is an enigma.

2:18 PM  

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