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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

E-marketing for Execs: I sometimes think it would be very useful to have a 32 page book, highlighting some of the things in the e-marketing world, that execs could reference. Here's my preliminary subject list. Let me know if you have any thoughts :)

What is E-marketing?
ROI: aka, making sure e-marketing is career enhancing
Your website a) What it is b) Things to consider c) RSS
Email Marketing:
  • Hey, we need a list of customers!
  • Hey, we have a list of customers!
  • Hey, we can buy a list of potential customers!

Beyond eMail Marketing
- Newsletters- Customer service email communication- Managing opt in/opt out's
Online Ads I can buy banner ads on the local papers website! Should I? How should I
Search Marketing

  • Organic Search - That sounds crunchy!
  • Paid Search - That sounds dirty!

Google - AdSense and Adwords - Everyone talks about Google, clearly we should use it!
Affiliate programs: Let's have other people sell our stuff.
Blogs - People can read what I think

Blogvertising: - People can advertise, while I discuss things that matter to me!
Podcasts - Vidcasts - People can listen to me talk! People can watch me talk!


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