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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Some questions for Mark Jen, recently fired from Google for blogging. If you were really concerned about the firing, would you be using a gmail address, with a blog hosted by a company owned by Google? So far, I think people have picked up that you're technical, you have taken back up reading now that you're unemployed, you've met some interesting people, and that you're trying out AdSense and the Amazon affiliate program. If you were going to be a product manager, wouldn't that sort of thing be second nature? It's great to give the fees to charity, but mentioning the amount of money you're making with AdSense violates the terms of service, and would tend to give a new company pause about how you'd fit in. Interesting article I've just found with more details.


Blogger markjen said...

Hi Josh,

I'm not too concerned about using gmail or blogger. IMO, gmail is currently the best in class product. I'm looking around at other options besides blogger, perhaps hosting my own blog with Movable Type.

I don't quite understand your second question. If you're wondering why I didn't start an AdSense account while I was employed, it's because employees are not allowed to have AdSense accounts. I started reading while I was still employed and I was in the process of meeting a lot of interesting people (mostly inside google ;)).

I read through the TOS again and updated my blog posts. I don't think I was in violation before (the TOS talks about revealing CPC and other click stats) but I changed it anyways, just to be safe.

Hope this answers your questions! :)

4:00 AM  

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